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Have You Remodeled Your House?


1 Out of 5 New Homeowners Took On A Remodeling Project During The Past Year

The best home improvements to add value to your home are:

1.  Addition to home

(Provided you don’t increase the square footage so it’s a white elephant in your neighborhood)

2.  Kitchen Remodel

3. Bathroom Remodel

4.  Window Replacement
1 out of 5 new homeowners took on a remodeling project last year


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Generation Y is Ready To Buy a Home!

Which Generation are you and where do you fit in?

Gen Y Is Ready To BuyThe Silent Generation – Born between 1925 & 1945

Older Baby Boomers – Born between 1946 & 1954

Younger Baby Boomers – Born between 1955 & 1964

Generation X – Born between 1965 & 1979

Generation Y – Born between 1980 & 1995


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Is Buying a Home in the School District of your Choice Important?


Home Values are much higher in neighborhoods that have great schools.

Is Buying a Home in the school district of your choice important?

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Renter Optimism


Here are some benefits young renters see in owning a home versus renting.

Please add your comments about any advantages or disadvantages to home ownership below!

Renter Optimism

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How Do Buyers Evaluate Real Estate?

Evaluating a home

How do Buyers evaluate Real Estate Crushes?


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